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Campus Access

GW community members can gain access to campus spaces by uploading proof of vaccination, getting a return to campus test and following a regular biweekly testing protocol. The limited number of students, faculty and staff who have been granted vaccine exemptions will need also need a return to campus test and will need to adhere to a weekly testing protocol.


Access Policies

Students, Faculty and Staff

In order to access campus spaces, students, faculty and staff need to follow a series of steps:

  1. Upload completed vaccination documentation to the medical portal

    •  Once uploaded, it can take up to a week to be verified.
  2. Get your return to campus COVID-19 test
    • Appointments must be scheduled through the medical portal.
    • It can take up to two hours from your appointment time to reactivate or activate your GWorld card.
  3. Continue regular testing
    • If you are fully vaccinated, you need to test bi-weekly (every 14 days).
    • If you have an exemption and are not vaccinated, you need to test weekly and monitor your symptoms daily.
    • If you are experiencing symptoms or you need to travel, you just need to make an additional appointment and get tested.
    • If you are going to miss your regularly scheduled test, you can always test early and restart the testing cadence.
  4. If you have a COVID exposure, you may be asked to quarantine.


Visitors coming to GW’s campuses and facilities for routine business reasons, such as meetings, contract work, interviews, classroom visits and campus tours, are not required to demonstrate proof of a COVID-19 vaccination and booster.  Visitors and guests at indoor events in GW venues (Smith Center, Lisner Auditorium, Jack Morton Auditorium, etc.) will still be subject to vaccine verification as detailed below.  Please check the specific event's website for detailed information.  Updated FAQs about visitor requirements are available here.


Vaccine Verification Instructions for Guests and Visitors at Indoor Events in GW Venues

To help streamline the vaccine verification process, GW has partnered with CLEAR Health Pass to provide an easy and secure way to demonstrate proof of vaccination. 

We encourage visitors to indoor GW venues, including the Charles E. Smith Center, Lisner Auditorium and Jack Morton Auditorium, to enroll and complete the CLEAR Health Pass prior to their arrival on campus.  

Using the CLEAR Health Pass is not required.  Individuals who do not register through the CLEAR Health Pass will need to be prepared to show a copy of their Centers for Disease Control (CDC) vaccination card and a government-issued photo ID (for those 18 and up) during their visit. 

If a guest is unvaccinated, they can provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within the last 24 hours.

There are no visitor requirements for guests under 5 years of age.

To enroll in the CLEAR Health Pass, follow the steps below:


1) Download the CLEAR app and tap the white Health Pass tile

2) Select ‘Events’ scroll to ‘Venue’ and select George Washington University

3) Easily enroll or verify your identity with a quick selfie

4) Follow the prompts to verify your proof of vaccination

  • Link proof of vaccination (option 1) - CDC card upload *recommended*
  • When prompted to add your vaccination, select ‘add your vaccination card’ to upload a photo of your CDC Vaccine Card



  • Take a photo of your vaccination card and confirm your vaccine information
  • Please note, the photo of your CDC card is used to generate a green Health Pass. You will not be able to access it again after it is taken.
  • Link proof of vaccination (option 2) - Digitally link
  • Select your vaccine provider in the menu or by searching ‘other providers’. Log-in to your patient portal and follow instructions to securely link your account with CLEAR. The CLEAR app is integrated with select healthcare providers and pharmacies.
  • If you are unable to find your provider in search, CLEAR may not be able to link with them at this time.
  • Check that your COVID-19 vaccine appears in your patient portal, if not we recommend you reach out to your provider directly.
  • If found, your results will link automatically and it may take up to 1 hour to verify your results within Health Pass  - do not try to resync your results
  • Link proof of vaccination (option 3) - SMART QR Code
  • Tap ‘SMART QR Code’ and follow the prompts to upload your QR code. Once confirmed, proceed to open your Health Pass

5)  Before you arrive on campus, reopen the Health Pass tile and produce your pass. Green is good to go! Be ready to show for a seamless experience.


Download the CLEAR App


Additional information on testing is available on both our testing and frequently asked questions pages.


Typical Reasons Why Your GWorld Card is Not Working

Are you compliant? Have you:

  • Uploaded your documentation?
  • Taken your initial test?
  • Kept up on your testing schedule?
  • Still have a quarantine or isolation hold?

Are you trying to access a building you should have permission to access and have already completed campus access steps?

  • Check with your supervisor/dean/professor if you are supposed to have access.
  • Did your office relocate during the pandemic? Make sure your supervisor has let GWorld know to change your permissions.
  • Trying to access a building you have had previous access to? Was this building open to the public, you might not have been given official access.


Where You Can Go for Help

Submit a ticket through the Campus Covid Assistance Portal for assistance related to on-site access to campus facilities.

If you experience issues with scheduling a test, email the Public Health Lab at [email protected].

To check if you are in compliance, log into the medical portal and view “Medical Clearances.” Your status will be marked “Compliant” with a green check mark if your documentation has been verified and approved. If you still need assistance, email the Campus COVID-19 Support Team at  [email protected].