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Campus Access

GW community members can gain access to campus spaces by uploading proof of vaccination, getting a return to campus test and following a regular biweekly testing protocol. The limited number of students, faculty and staff who have been granted vaccine exemptions will need also need a return to campus test and will need to adhere to a weekly testing protocol.


In order to access campus spaces, students, faculty and staff need to follow a series of steps:

  1. Upload completed vaccination documentation to the medical portal
    •  Once uploaded, it can take up to a week to be verified.
  2. Get your return to campus COVID-19 test
    • Appointments must be scheduled through the medical portal.
    • It can take up to two hours from your appointment time to reactivate or activate your GWorld card.
  3. Continue regular testing
    • If  you are fully vaccinated, you need to test bi-weekly (every 14 days).
    • If you have an exemption and are not vaccinated, you need to test weekly and monitor your symptoms daily.
    • If you are experiencing symptoms or you need to travel, you just need to make an additional appointment and get tested.
    • If you are going to miss your regularly scheduled test, you can always test early and restart the testing cadence.
  4. If you have a COVID exposure, you may be asked to quarantine.


Additional information on testing is available here and in our frequently asked questions.


Typical Reasons Why Your GWorld Card is Not Working

Are you compliant? Have you:

  • Uploaded your documentation?
  • Taken your initial test?
  • Kept up on your testing schedule?
  • Still have a quarantine or isolation hold?

Are you trying to access a building you should have permission to access and have already completed campus access steps?

  • Check with your supervisor/dean/professor if you are supposed to have access.
  • Did your office relocate during the pandemic? Make sure your supervisor has let GWorld know to change your permissions.
  • Trying to access a building you have had previous access to? Was this building open to the public, you might not have been given official access.


Where You Can Go for Help

Submit a ticket through the Campus Covid Assistance Portal for assistance related to on-site access to campus facilities.

If you experience issues with scheduling a test, email the Public Health Lab at [email protected].

To check if you are in compliance, log into the medical portal and view “Medical Clearances.” Your status will be marked “Compliant” with a green check mark if your documentation has been verified and approved. If you still need assistance, email the Campus COVID-19 Support Team at  [email protected].